The club offers a variety of programs through-out the year. Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday to learn more about all aspects of gardening. Some examples of programs which have been offered are those reflected in the pictures on this page.

During the program show in the far left photo, a local home interior designer showed the club how to make wonderful holiday arrangements. Using a mix of natural greenery and silk flowers, she put the the arrangement together beautifully. She explained how even “found” objects such as feathers can be used effectively in such a seasonal arrangement.

On the top left, two of the club members are discussing the program on vegetable gardening “A to Z” which was held at a club members farm. After the program everyone took home just picked harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and beans.

Garden photography was the topic in the next program shown. The presenter took photos of a club members flowers before the program and explained the best light conditions, timing and point of view when taking photographs in natural settings.

The next set of photos was taken during the program where a local shop owner demonstrated how to make arrangements of fresh flowers using an old silverware box as a container! The next photo is of the colorful arrangement that is just delightful! The arrangement is made by cutting the flowers to a uniform length and attaching each bloom to a floral pick. The picks are then placed in a geometric pattern on fresh floral foam. Each arrangement can last several weeks when lightly sprayed with water each day. They can even be mailed to someone as the lid of the box can close over the arrangement!

In the last photo, a local landscaper explains how to add plantings around a home for maximum impact. He included photos of some of his work, as well as, answered questions from the club members about their own unique landscaping issues.

The programs vary widely across a whole host of topics all the while focusing in on sharing information with members about all aspects of gardening thus increasing our garden knowledge and love of gardening.