November Garden Club Meeting

November 8 Cottage Gardeners’ program will be another very informative and entertaining program presented by Bibi Cromwell. If you were fortunate enough to be here when Bibi presented “How Plants Got their Names”, you know what I am saying. Bibi is extremely knowledgeable, charming, and has a most delightful accent.

This time she will share with us a program entitled GROWING CITRUS FOR THE SENSES. Would you like to grow various citrus in containers? Give it a try and you will enjoy year-round pleasure of glossy foliage, beautiful flowers, heavenly fragrance, and versatile fruit.

In addition, we will learn:
* The fascinating history of cultivating citrus
*Citrus fruits as art objects and expressions of wealth
*Cooking with citrus: the zest, twist, juice and marmalade
*Citrus and your health
*Growth conditions, pests(icky, sticky) and maintenance

We also will be voting on a slate of officers for 2018- 2019.

As a follow-up on our program on composting presented last month, I will bring my leaf shredder to demonstrate how easy it is the shred your leaves and turn them into beautiful, beneficial mulch. Mine is a SunJoe shredder. If anyone has a different brand and wants to set it up for demonstration also, it would be great for a comparison.

We will be meeting at Leldon Matthew’s,Platte City, MO. Leldon will have some balloons marking her drive.

This is Leldon’s first time hosting. Hopefully her beautiful display of mums will not have suffered from the frost so that we all may enjoy them. See you on Wednesday,

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