March Cottage Gardners Meeting

Hello gardeners,

We will be meeting March 14th at 9:30 am at the West Bend Acres apartment complex at 17415 Hwy 45 near Weston.

Cottage Gardeners March program: Dreamscaping Workshop

Dreamscaping is what I refer to as the development of the garden each year. It can be simply cleaning out winter debris and enjoying your garden as it is, maybe adding simple elements to the garden. Alternatively, it can entail a larger scoop of strategy in garden design and plan.

This led to the idea of having a mini workshop to explore possibilities in our gardens. Jot down some ideas and notes that you want to discuss. You could even bring a rough drawing of your current garden. We will have ample print materials for you to peruse though, cut out ideas for your Dreamscaping Folder. Glue sticks and folder provided. Please bring scissors.

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