February Garden Club Meeting

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are meeting at the METHODIST CHURCH at 9:30 on February 14th for garden knowledge, food and fun.

ANNUALS that are worth your money. Now before you scoff at annuals, think about it. Most of us are perennials gardeners for sure. However, we have all used annuals in container gardening and as fill-ins. The question begging to be asked is “could annuals play a more important role in the performance of our gardens”?

Steve Aitken, editor of Fine Gardening magazine wrote in this month’s edition that if you like Thanksgiving then you should like annuals. He writes  “do we avoid annuals because of the ocean of cheap, garish, mass-produced bedding plants that fill garden centers, box stores and grocery stores everywhere”?

He compares the endless hours spent preparing Thanksgiving dinner to gardening with annuals. After all the hours spent, Thanksgiving dinner might last 30-45 minutes. Then there is the clean up. We do this year after year. A cook enjoys preparing a large meal despite the fact that it is gone in minutes. Just as we gardeners enjoy planting and maintaining beautiful flowers that last only a few months. Cooks cook and gardeners garden.

His article made me re-think annuals. Sometimes we think only of petunias and pansies.

However, there are so many more. Think Lantana, Tropical Milkweed, Tall Verbena, Spider Flower, Zinnias, Clary Sage, Geraniums. To name a few. Many of these will self-seed.

All of this brings us to the program for February 14. Rita Arnold, owner of Arnold’s Greenhouse will be presenting a program on Annuals and What is New in 2018. Arnold’s Greenhouse is a family owned operation in Leroy, KS. Acres and acres of plants grown by the Arnold family. Pretty impressive.  If you have not you been there, it is a great day road trip!?!

She is traversing a long distance (129 miles). Two hours driving time. Please come and meet her. She is very knowledge about all aspects of growing annuals as well as perennials. She will have a few annuals for purchase. I am hoping for pansies and/or violas. Love to plant them about this time of year. Wonderful color and whimsy in the gray of winter.

See you on the 14th.



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