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May Cottage Gardners Meeting

We will meet this Wednesday, May 9 at 9:30 AM at Sachi Barney’s home in Farley. Our May program illustrates how we can extend the season’s blooms into the long, cold months of frost, snow and ice. Debbie Brugnoni of Silk Reflections will takes us through the steps of how to preserve our favorite blooms on textiles such as scarves, table runners, pillows, sachets and card.

March Cottage Gardners Meeting

Hello gardeners,

We will be meeting March 14th at 9:30 am at the West Bend Acres apartment complex at 17415 Hwy 45 near Weston.

Cottage Gardeners March program: Dreamscaping Workshop

Dreamscaping is what I refer to as the development of the garden each year. It can be simply cleaning out winter debris and enjoying your garden as it is, maybe adding simple elements to the garden. Alternatively, it can entail a larger scoop of strategy in garden design and plan.

This led to the idea of having a mini workshop to explore possibilities in our gardens. Jot down some ideas and notes that you want to discuss. You could even bring a rough drawing of your current garden. We will have ample print materials for you to peruse though, cut out ideas for your Dreamscaping Folder. Glue sticks and folder provided. Please bring scissors.

February Garden Club Meeting

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We are meeting at the METHODIST CHURCH at 9:30 on February 14th for garden knowledge, food and fun.

ANNUALS that are worth your money. Now before you scoff at annuals, think about it. Most of us are perennials gardeners for sure. However, we have all used annuals in container gardening and as fill-ins. The question begging to be asked is “could annuals play a more important role in the performance of our gardens”?

Steve Aitken, editor of Fine Gardening magazine wrote in this month’s edition that if you like Thanksgiving then you should like annuals. He writes  “do we avoid annuals because of the ocean of cheap, garish, mass-produced bedding plants that fill garden centers, box stores and grocery stores everywhere”?

He compares the endless hours spent preparing Thanksgiving dinner to gardening with annuals. After all the hours spent, Thanksgiving dinner might last 30-45 minutes. Then there is the clean up. We do this year after year. A cook enjoys preparing a large meal despite the fact that it is gone in minutes. Just as we gardeners enjoy planting and maintaining beautiful flowers that last only a few months. Cooks cook and gardeners garden.

His article made me re-think annuals. Sometimes we think only of petunias and pansies.

However, there are so many more. Think Lantana, Tropical Milkweed, Tall Verbena, Spider Flower, Zinnias, Clary Sage, Geraniums. To name a few. Many of these will self-seed.

All of this brings us to the program for February 14. Rita Arnold, owner of Arnold’s Greenhouse will be presenting a program on Annuals and What is New in 2018. Arnold’s Greenhouse is a family owned operation in Leroy, KS. Acres and acres of plants grown by the Arnold family. Pretty impressive.  If you have not you been there, it is a great day road trip!?!

She is traversing a long distance (129 miles). Two hours driving time. Please come and meet her. She is very knowledge about all aspects of growing annuals as well as perennials. She will have a few annuals for purchase. I am hoping for pansies and/or violas. Love to plant them about this time of year. Wonderful color and whimsy in the gray of winter.

See you on the 14th.



November Garden Club Meeting

November 8 Cottage Gardeners’ program will be another very informative and entertaining program presented by Bibi Cromwell. If you were fortunate enough to be here when Bibi presented “How Plants Got their Names”, you know what I am saying. Bibi is extremely knowledgeable, charming, and has a most delightful accent.

This time she will share with us a program entitled GROWING CITRUS FOR THE SENSES. Would you like to grow various citrus in containers? Give it a try and you will enjoy year-round pleasure of glossy foliage, beautiful flowers, heavenly fragrance, and versatile fruit.

In addition, we will learn:
* The fascinating history of cultivating citrus
*Citrus fruits as art objects and expressions of wealth
*Cooking with citrus: the zest, twist, juice and marmalade
*Citrus and your health
*Growth conditions, pests(icky, sticky) and maintenance

We also will be voting on a slate of officers for 2018- 2019.

As a follow-up on our program on composting presented last month, I will bring my leaf shredder to demonstrate how easy it is the shred your leaves and turn them into beautiful, beneficial mulch. Mine is a SunJoe shredder. If anyone has a different brand and wants to set it up for demonstration also, it would be great for a comparison.

We will be meeting at Leldon Matthew’s,Platte City, MO. Leldon will have some balloons marking her drive.

This is Leldon’s first time hosting. Hopefully her beautiful display of mums will not have suffered from the frost so that we all may enjoy them. See you on Wednesday,

October Monthly Meeting

October Garden Club program is ‘THE DIRT ON DIRT’ by Kathy Hoggard.

Have you ever wished for a garden helper? Not just someone to dig and haul or even design and plant. But someone to do things you could never do. Like chemical and biological things…underground.

Chances are we already have these perfect garden helpers. If we haven’t driven them off. The perfect garden helper is the army of beneficial soil organisms found naturally in healthy soil. Not to worry. They can be returned through the simple act of composting. This is not your usual composting methods program. This is amazing.

Kathy is an area authority in the art of composting and soil management. After years of research and experimenting, she has developed a fool-proof approach to building healthy soil without using chemical additives. And the best part is: “It is so simple!!!”

Come hear all about it on OCTOBER 11, 2017
(Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 92 and Running Horse Road in Platte City, go south on Running Horse Road about 2 miles (give or take) to 130 Street.
Turn left on 130th Street. At T turn left on Ridgeview Drive. House is 13030 on the left. Look for potted succulents at the mail box.

September 13, 2017

Preserving Your Garden for Chilly Nights and Snowy Days.

What a poetic title! Come join all your cottage gardener friends tomorrow, September 13, when Marie Stuski will lead us in a hands on workshop on an alternative way to preserve the bounty of our gardens. She will take us to places that maybe altogether different from anything you ever imagined. Sounds a bit enigmatic, doesn’t it?  All I can tell you is that you will love it; it is something you will continue to explore and expand upon. So please bring your creative side and lots of enthusiasm.  Cottage gardeners will meet at the home of Debbie Head, 18405 Middle Road, Weston, Missouri at 9:30 am.

July Meeting

DATE … July 12, 2017
TIME … 9:30 – Noon
LOCATION … Home and garden of Ruth Hibarger, 19847 Hwy H, Weston, MO
PROGRAM … BUGS IN YOUR GARDEN … speaker Corrie Creed with the Missouri Extension Office
WHAT TO BRING … insects or photos of insects of concern
                                   … your contribution to our discussion on native plants


May 10, 2017

Remember back in early spring when we thought we were in a drought?  Well, I’m certainly thankful I was proven wrong.  The rain for us has, for the most part, been slow and steady.  Now, according to the forecast, we are in for a week of sunny days.  Perfect timing!  Our May Garden Club meeting will be outside at Shirley Matthew’s lovely iris garden.  Even if the forecast changes, we will meet anyway. Just dress accordingly. If you have never gone with us to her garden, you are in for a treat.
Everyone is to bring a sack lunch.  This month’s hostesses will provide water and dessert.  If you want something else to drink, you can bring your choice of beverage.

We will meet at the Weston City Hall and carpool for those who want to share rides.  Plan to leave there at 9:00 o’clock sharp.  You are welcome to drive yourself.

Directions:   Shirley’s address is 4111 SW Bethel Road, St. Joseph, Missouri.   From the intersection of 45 Hwy and Hwy H, go north on 45 Hwy to Bethel Road.  This is in the Rushville area. Watch carefully for the small road sign. Turn right on Bethel Road.  It is about 23 miles. Her phone number is 816-688-7678.

Shirley always presents an excellent program on the main issues to keep in mind when growing iris. Although her information is the basics, she is not your basic iris grower.  Wait and see!  And to top it off,  you can make a list of the irises you want starts of. In the fall she will deliver your starts to Marilyn’s shop where you can pick them up.  You can’t beat the prices!

Look forward to seeing everyone in Shirley’s iris garden.

April 12, 2017 meeting

The April 12th meeting will be held at Carla Ginardi’s house.  Please check back for details.

Resolutions for Gardeners

A new year typically brings about resolutions right? Be they for losing weight, being more organized or simply an overall “being better” wish, resolutions are good goals to have.

Gardeners are no exception to wishing for the better; better gardens, better planning, better record-keeping, etc. Following are five resolutions that we wish every gardener, no matter their level of expertise, will embrace in the new year:

1. I will not blame myself for gardening failures. Oftentimes, Mother Nature is not our friend when it comes to gardening. Or life gets in the way. We do not want you to despair! Simply try again and learn from experience. Your garden, and your gardening friends, are both extremely forgiving.

2. I will not be afraid to ask questions. How else can you learn? Take advantage of the experience of your neighbor, your aunt, the garden center employee or the local extension agent. If they are like typical garden fanatics, they will appreciate your interest and be flattered that you want to learn from them. And learn you will!

3. I will try something new. This is kind of a no-brainer, right? Have you ever met a gardener who didn’t want the newest of the new, for bragging rights if nothing else? But what about really new…like a new growing style or completely new crop of vegetables. Cruise around on Pinterest and we guarantee you’ll find something irresistible that’s out of your usual comfort zone.

4. I will share my passion. We’ve done and seen studies that show many of today’s gardeners got their start by learning from someone else, usually a parent or grandparent. Can you be that mentor? Will you be the reason your son or daughter serves homegrown vegetables to your grandchildren? Can you be the reason your neighbor plants window boxes for the first time?

5. I will embrace nature and garden for the birds, the bees and the butterflies (and the bats too!). One of the most enjoyable benefits of having a garden is being able to enjoy the beautiful creatures who visit it. So plan your flowers and vegetables with that in mind then sit back and enjoy the show.

Feel free to steal these resolutions for your own, we won’t mind!
Let’s Go Garden!

Source: National Garden Bureau